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Fitting a new kitchen needs careful planning to ensure that everything works well when the job is finished.  For example, you don’t want a lovely new cooker hood putting where it has nowhere for the fumes to go.  

Where you put your kitchen appliances affects the plumbing requirements.  Fitting your sink, washer, dishwasher and gas appliances can make it a nightmare to plan properly, so

kitchen appliances and fixtures installed

involve us at an early stage.

So many tradesmen are involved; plumber, electrician, joiner, plasterer.  

Getting them all to work together can be a nightmare. Whether you have your own tradesmen or you want us to find other tradesmen for you, we’ll work closely with them and try to fit in with them so that the job doesn’t drag on and on.

We want your kitchen to give you pleasure for many years to come and we pride ourselves on our professional standards and our customer after-care.  

We are gas safe registered, to safely deal with all your gas installations.

Contact us to discuss your new kitchen, or to help with the fitting of new equipment into your existing kitchen.