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Gas Fires  

There’s a huge range of gas fires and we can help you to choose one that’s going to be right for your room.  We can fit fires in unusual locations and can advise on safety requirements.  Fancy one of those room centre fires?  It can be done but it has to be done right.  That’s where we can help.  Whether you have an unusual request, or your needs are straightforward  like most of our customers, we have the solutions.  Get in touch for a free no obligation estimate.

New boilers

A new boiler isn’t cheap, but the savings on your gas bill can be significant.  New combi boilers have many advantages including:

installation and servicing of gas fires and boilers and central heating systemsTurn the thermostat down and save fuel

Contact us today and we’ll visit your home to give you a competitive estimate.

Modern radiators come in all shapes and sizes

Power Flushing

A heating problem doesn’t always mean you need a new boiler.  Over the years tiny particles can build up in your heating system.  Some of these particles can be abrasive (rust flakes, for example).  They can clog up your system and even damage your boiler.  Some of the problems that this system sludge can cause are:

The benefits of a power flush can be impressive.  If you’ve suffered from years of barely adequate heating, a power flush can often result in faster warm up and hotter radiators.  As a result you have a more comfortable home.

When fitting a new boiler it is a sensible precaution to flush out the entire system, to make sure that the sludge of decades does not interfere with the operation of the new boiler.

If you have problems with your heating system, contact us.  A power flush isn’t always the solution and we won’t recommend it if it’s not needed, but it’s certainly a possibility that we’ll consider along with other possible solutions.